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Before you start our courses we conduct a short telephone assessment in order to establish your level (with reference to the Common European Framework). We discuss your needs and language objectives so that we can create a customised learning plan.

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Consultation is important so you enrol in the most appropriate course, at a suitable level. We can then recommend a realistic course duration to achieve your goals.

Dedicated language coach

Our courses are designed to help you in your job or business. We can adapt to specific needs and you will have a dedicated language coach.

This will help you communicate effectively and confidently in English.

Adapted for your needs

During consultation we can identify your starting level and specific weaknesses. We can then adapt the course to your needs and measure your improvement during the course. Our courses are available for levels CEFR A1 to CEFR C2.

Flexible duration

In order to progress one level on the Common European Framework approximately 200 hours of targeted practice is required. However, our courses are flexible in length and many students find an effective balance of classroom, online and self study can help them achieve their language goals faster.

"Business English Hong Kong enabled my staff to speak English with confidence. Their experience is very apparent, and reputation well-deserved."

Andy Miller
Do you feel fairly confident working in English on a daily basis but need help with a specific area of the language? Do you have an important presentation to prepare for and need help with the finer details? Perhaps you need to practise it? Do you have an important negotiation coming up and want support and advice regarding phrases and vocabulary to use? Are you using English for the first time at work and need immediate help in writing emails and avoiding mistakes? Our specialised courses can help you. They are adapted to offer support in niche areas of the language. We offer them in 5 hour blocks and they are dedicated to one main theme. They have been designed on the basis of feedback from our existing clients and at their request.