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Before you start our courses we conduct a short telephone assessment in order to establish your level (with reference to the Common European Framework). We discuss your needs and language objectives so that we can create a customised learning plan.

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Consultation is important so you enrol in the most appropriate course, at a suitable level. We can then recommend a realistic course duration to achieve your goals.

IELTS classes in Hong Kong

Supplementary Classes

IELTS: Small group and private classes are available

Course fees depend on the time that you want to schedule your classes and the number of other students studying at the same time.

BEHK IELTS courses are available in the following formats:

  • Group class (fixed schedule) - maximum 4-8 students (typically $2000 HKD per 10 hour stage)
  • Small group class (fixed schedule) - 2-4 students ($3500 HKD per 10 hour stage)
  • Private class (flexible schedule) - one to one with a Native English Teacher ($600 HKD per hour)

For maximum improvement we recommend the private option because it will be more focused on your needs.

Payment schedule

  • Group classes must be paid in advance
  • Private classes can be paid after each class.

Effective learning & VIP service - 100% Guaranteed

Business English Hong Kong will offer a replacement class if you are not satisfied with a class.

Please phone us on + 852 81799295 or complete the contact request form to arrange a consultation.