Why choose Business English Hong Kong as your English course provider?

Business English Hong Kong offers learners many advantages over traditional language schools.  Here are just some of the ways in which we offer what you need to make learning English easy, effective and enjoyable.

Progress guaranteed

Business English Hong Kong provides a 100% course guarantee.  If you haven't mastered the vocabulary and target language in each unit your teacher will arrange an additional class for you.  Our teachers are highly trained and guarantee that you will benefit from each unit.

Widely recognised qualifications

Business English Hong Kong courses lead to recognised qualifications such as IELTS, Cambridge Business English Certificate, Cambridge BULATS, ILEC, IFEC and more. Business English Hong Kong is one of very few course providers in the world that offer courses leading to such a range of qualifications.

Flexible learning schedule, no missed classes

With Business English Hong Kong you can book classes at any time during centre opening hours.   You are not tied to a fixed schedule so you can arrange your study schedule to suit your lifestyle.

Self paced study

You can study at your own pace, and can advance to the next level of the course when you are ready.  If you want to study more often, you can – and you don’t need to wait for other students to catch up.

Small class-size

Altitude offers small class sizes,with people who have reached a similar level.  There are typically less than 8 people in each class.  Each class is led by an experienced genuine Native English Teacher who will allow for a high percentage of student talk time. Business English Hong Kong guarantees that classes are more interactive and offer more opportunities for communication than other language schools.

Professional Native English Teachers

Business English Hong Kong teachers are qualified genuine Native English Teachers with extensive experience in teaching English as a foreign language.  They have previously held senior positions in major language schools and universities.  When we say we are the best language course provider in Hong Kong, it is because we have worked for other providers and found that the Business English Hong Kong way is more effective.

100% English speaking environment

Business English Hong Kong courses are delivered in a 100% English speaking environment.  This friendly environment will help you gain confidence in English.

Relevant course content

Business English Hong Kong English courses are focused on relevant topics so you will always find the course interesting.  As an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) provider we focus directly on the language you need for work and leisure.

Student care programme

Business English Hong Kong teachers care about your progress and give frequent assessment and study advice.  Our learning management system tracks your progress so we can monitor your performance and study rhythm.  With Business English Hong Kong, the teacher really is the Guarantee of Quality.

Innovative learning experience

Business English Hong Kong English courses use a blend of the most advanced technology and proven learning methods to ensure that you make real progress in learning English. Business English Hong Kong English courses are effective, affordable and enjoyable.