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Before you start our courses we conduct a short telephone assessment in order to establish your level (with reference to the Common European Framework). We discuss your needs and language objectives so that we can create a customised learning plan.

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Consultation is important so you enrol in the most appropriate course, at a suitable level. We can then recommend a realistic course duration to achieve your goals.

Class schedule

English classes are scheduled by appointment.

Classes are available between 10am and 10pm Monday to Friday, and 3pm-6pm on Saturday and Sunday

Supplementary Classes

See the world from a new perspective

The BEHK General English course is our core language development course.  This is an interactive English course custom designed for people living in Hong Kong.  The topics and themes in the course are very popular with Hong Kong people.  This is not an academic English course - the course will teach you how to communicate in modern spoken English.

Additional modules for Business English, Financial English, Legal English and IELTS can be added as required.

It is a comprehensive English course for adult learners in Hong Kong featuring multicultural topics that will broaden your horizons.  If you want to learn English for travel, work or social purposes this is the course for you.  It will improve your reading, writing, speaking, listening and build your confidence in using English in a practical situations.

Benefits of the BEHK General English course:

  • Learn to communicate in modern International English
  • Improve all four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Practice pronunciation and improve your grammar.
  • Increase your confidence when communicating with foreigners
  • Can lead to recognised assessment  – eg Cambridge BULATS.

Why study General English with BEHK?

  • Interactive and dynamic classes to make learning English interesting and fun
  • Flexible course schedule - classes can be arranged to suit you
  • Convenient location
  • Professional Native English Teachers
  • Many successful students
  • VIP service
  • Social programme
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This course is particularly suitable for those who are intending to improve their English in social situations

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