wallstreetbets vocabulary

If you are following the Gamestop short squeeze, you have no doubt visited r/wallstreetbets and r/GME on Reddit.  The slang and vocabulary is different to other slang used in financial English, so don't be surprised if you can't find these words in a financial English glossary.  This is our guide to r/wallstreetbets slang.

But first..

What's a short squeeze?

Selling short is when a hedge fund sells a borrowed share and hopes that the price goes lower so that they can in the future buy the share at a cheaper price before returning it to its owner.

A short squeeze is something happens when a hedge fund suddenly finds that the stock they sold short is now increasing in value, and other investors are refusing to sell their shares until it reaches a very high price.  This happened in 2008 when Porsche slowly bought shares in Volkswagen to protect their partner from a takeover.  Porsche knew Volkswagen was shorted by hedge funds.  In an annual meeting Porsche announced that they were recalling shares which a day later caused the price to skyrocket.  The same thing is expected to happen with Gamestop.


Slang used on r/wallstreetbets

Vocabulary Definition Origin / Further explanation 
Trading Trading is making well defined profits off of price fluctuations that are less in tune with "fundamentals".   
Investing Investing is buying and holding a company for the next few months, years, etc.  
Binary Events

Binary events are tradeable events like earnings reports, clinical trial outcomes, PDUFA approvals, etc.

PDUFA PDUFA dates are deadlines for the FDA to approve new drugs.   
Faggots Delight A faggots delight is an OTM/ATM option that is close to expiry. It is unlikely to be in the money.. Faggot is slang for a male homosexual
Bagholder There's a really smart guy who sold all his shares at the top. That smart guy sold his shares to an idiot. That idiot is a bagholder.  
Bullish Expecting the price to rise  
Bearish Expecting the price to fall  
Bid Price The maximum price a buyer is willing to pay  
Ask Price The minimum price a seller is willing to receive.  
Spread The spread is the difference between the bid and the ask.  
Retard It means you are stupid and don't know what you're doing This is actually a very politically incorrect word meaning intellectually challenged.  It is not normally used in the 21st century.
Autistic Use autistic to describe someone that actually does due diligence and knows what they are doing Autism is a developmental condition where someone could have very advanced mathematical or intellectual skills, but might have difficulty communicating with he outside world.

Diamond Hands ?✋

It means you never sell because you are confident in the stock. Your hands are made of diamonds  
Toilet Paper Hands ?✋ You sell at the slightest red tick because you're overleveraged and are scared.  
In Scrambles When somebody has made a poor decision and is regretting it  
Europoors When the European stock markets open up and they start selling because they lack economic stimulus.  
Ameririch When US stock markets open and they buy up what Europoors sold  
YOLO $400 into GME weeklies is not a YOLO. A YOLO should be atleast 4 digits and represent 98-100% of your account  
$ROPE What you buy when you make a poor decision  
Smooth Brain The grooves in your brain determines your intelligence. To have a smooth brain means to have no grooves which means you're retarded.  
FOMO Fear Of Missing Out  
Guh when you account goes from $4000 to $0 in 30 seconds  
DD Due Diligence - it means doing your homework on a specific stock or the overall market  
BTFD Buy the f***ing dip  
Tendies Profits from selling Short for chicken tenders
Mooning ??? Either means a stock went up 0.05% or 600%  
Drilling Either means a stock went down -0.05% or -50%  
"We like the stock" Meme popularized by Jim Cramer when he tried to (badly) imitate Wallstreetbets users Jim Cramer is a presenter on CNBC, a news channel that broadcasts heavily biased market information sponsored by hedge funds and market makers.
SEC Stock market police The Securities and Exchange Commission
Gay bears ?? People who are happy when stocks go down  
Bulls / Big Dongus Crew ? People who are happy when stocks go up Dongus is slang for penis.
Silver Surfers ? People that invest in silver commodity  
Pajama Traders People who trade futures or those that trade premarket Pajamas (USA) or pyjamas (UK) are clothes worn for sleeping.
Ladder attack Hitting the bids, algo trading, High Frequency Trading A computer programme offers fractionally lower and lower prices to artificially lower a shares price.  It is another type of shorting a stock.
Melvin Melvin Capital is a hedge fund managed by Gabriel Plotkin Melvin made a bad decision to short sell $GME.  
Citadel Citadel Securities is a market maker owned by Kenneth Griffin. Citadel is a market maker under investigation by the SEC for being engaged in dishonest market practices, eg paying for order flow, trading in dark pools etc.


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